We're trying to implement OneSpan Sign, but in the process of using Apex SDK, we noticed that Callback Event Notifications are not getting created for the transaction. If we create the transaction manually in Salesforce, event notifications are created for the transaction. Is there a set of requirements that need to be met in order for Callback Notifications to be turned on for a Transaction?


Hey guys.


I'm developing a connector with Digibee as listener of the Callback Event Trigger, although event after providing the API Key in the Callback Key field, the Callback event is getting 401 Unauthorized.

Is there a cURL model of the request sent from the Callback Event application so there I can edit the header tag to accept as API Key?


Is it possible for me add a custom attribute to the payload we receive during the callback even notification? I have multiple applications using event notifications, so I'd like a custom attribute to indicate which application the even notification should be forwarded too.

If not, is there any way I can update the message variable during package creation? I'm referring to the payload below:

Example code shows how to create a simple callback event notification listener in Node.js
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