Hi Team, 

We have a requirement such that, when a document is sent for signature and signer opens it for the sign then signer will get a provision to select the Signature method of his choice. It can be a dropdown (or anything that will allow signer to make selection) including all signing methods -

  • Click-to-Sign

  • Capture Signature

  • Mobile Signature

  • Click-to-Initial

Something like below : 


Hi team, 

We are developing a web application that uses OneSpan Api to authorize transactions. We want to know if is possible to set a signature data with values that we already have stored in our database.

We have a use case when the OneSpan transaction is rejected because a new signer needs to be added, we want to save every signature already signed in the rejected transaction and use them in a new one. Note: We create the pdf files in the web application with signature fields and upload them to OneSpan via API. 



i have created a signature for the owner in UI and map some label which is common for all signers to the owner. i need to update the signature of the owner to zero through code so that the signature will not be visible to other signers . How we can achieve this ?

This tool allows a Signature to be imported into an OneSpan Sign account from an image such as a .bmp or .png or .jpg file.
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