I have certain templates that I have to list the client's email and phone.  I know that the FIELDS has some of the signer's info like Signer Name, Title, and Company, but can you also add Signer Email and Signer Phone? That is information that the system already has when we list the signer's address or their phone when we use SMS authentication.  


When user change email address (ex: email domain changed or user get married) results in a new account generated in OneSpan eSign. So there is a chance for a user to lose access to his/her documents and results in duplicate user accounts.

Is there any automated way to update the email using SAML? Any possibilities for auto-provision with altering user's email addresses during login?

If not, what are the steps our client can do to avoid this ? What is a proper way to update an email for the user who recently changed his email address?


I'm finding the language settings to be quite confusing and don't see a thorough guide explaining it. Here are some questions I have. If there is a guide, please point me in the right direction, else I'll need some help to understand the following.

1. The package level object has a language parameter. Which areas does this affect?

2. The signer level object has a language parameter. which areas does this affect?

3. The signer level object also has a "withLocalLanguage" attribute, which areas does this affect?

Is there anyway to suppress the automatic email to signers on package creation? We would like to give our application user the option to sign now (we will retrieve signing URLs), or sign by email (appears to be sent automatically at package creation). The REST API request for creating the package in eSignLive is throwing "error.validation.userAddition.invalidEmail" when removing the email from json payload.