Hi Duo, 

I was trying to send the transaction to sender for signing as well. In some of the instances in our use cae, there might be a case where the sender also needs to sign the transaction. If I am not wrong, I had gone through similar blog or forum where the discussion revolved around using sender as a signer. Regardless, how do we achieve this case(using sender as a signer) ? I tried but the sender never received an email to sign the transaction. 

Can you please help ? 


Hello Duo, 

Here is our use case scenario: 

As I was testing my onespan integration into our system, I have recently found that the custom fields are bound to one particular recipient and at the time of signing, that recipient will only see that data. This scenario has become a problem for us because our document revolves around property contract signing, the agent should be able to see all the prefilled data before send to sign. I can't use indexing in this case as sender is not the part of a contract. 


Hello Duo, 

Whenever we click the send to sign button, we are firing an event and  replacing the transaction created successfully response from onespan with a GIF image and reloading it. My question is whenever we click send to sign button, we get transaction created successfully page response from onespan. Is it possible to completely override that page with our modified page. 

Please let me know. 



We are trying to automate the app shielding process in our CI platform by using the REST API.

The API method https://cp.onespan.com/public_api/v1/rasp/bind_package takes a file as a parameter but on use it returns "(422) Unprocessable Entity."

Below the PowerShell code:

$headers = @{"X-API-KEY" = "$apikey"
    "Content-Type"         = "application/json"

$filepath = "app-release.aab"

$uri = "https://cp.onespan.com/public_api/v1/rasp/bind_package?file=app-release.aab"