I am trying to set up a Service Rest connection from Pega to One Span.

The Service Rule was provided by One Span in OneSpanSample Ruleset. The Endpoint URL mentioned in the rule is :


While using the above URL in Event Notification Portal of One Space I get the following error :

The callback url has security issues.

How do i solve this issue?



I am new to OneSpan and trying to going through following blog

But i am getting following response 

{"code":404,"messageKey":"error.notFound.userNotFound","technical":"Could not find user with uid 'Mrx4UBnpkHc4'","message":"The specified user cannot be found.","name":"Resource Not Found"}



Is it possible to inject the values using field names rather than ID , since its becoming very difficult to send values using id because if we have four environments each time its very difficult to inject values using ID.


In that case prod environment will have new set of id values , which meaning we will not able to test .


In our scenario we have all the documents created in a temple and user will select some documents from the template in our application to esign or manually sign.

Each time when we create a package/transaction,  we are cloning the template and deleting the roles and documents as suggested .

But its seems very difficult and overhead when the number of documents in a template is high . 

So it is possible to clone only the documents and roles we need from the template in your future versions at least which will help us a lot .