This download contains the assortment of SDKs provided as part of the OneSpan Mobile Security Suite.
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Ou app use the eSignLiveSDK for iOS and that compile correctly in iOS 11. I need to update XCode to debug our code using a device with iOS 13.6. When I try compiling our app in XCode 12, I get an error: 

Module compiled with Swift 5.2.4 cannot be imported by the Swift 5.3 compiler

I tried downloading swing toolchain, but can't run the generated executable on the device, it's not that useful. Do someone have a solution or workaround?




I am reading the Features of the Orchestration SDK Documentation, I have some questions with the transactions flow. I the page have implemented the remote transaction flow, what  happens if there are problems with the notifications, or the customer does not have acces to internet in his mobile device?

I thought to pass the transaction data trhough a CRONTO Image then use Local Transaction flow to sign the transaction, but i am not sure if this is the correct aproach


Hello! Thank you for reading my post. My understanding is that the notification email (email.notify) is the only email template that can be triggered programatically from the eSignLive system. I had a few questions on this functionality: Question 1. When I am in the sender UI and click on the "Notify this Signer" button, it will successfully send an email to the signer using the email.notify template and include the "Email message" that I have entered in the Advanced Options in the package settings.
I would like to make calls to restapi, and would also like to take advantage of the com.silanis.esl.api.model.* model objects available in the java sdk jar our /api/sysinfo shows: { "schema": "16.10.4", "version": "16.6.16", "timestamp": "2017-12-12 23:32+0000" } This page has 2 versions of jar available thru maven: Should I use 10.13 jar or the 11.5 jar?
When calling the following register function :
EslClient eslClient = new EslClient(apikey, apiUrl);
I am getting: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. This is happening on our development machines but our actual live application is running just fine, this error just propped up today.
Hi, Let's consider a practical scenario where there could be a possibility of feeble internet connection at the customer location, In such a case, can I print a copy of the document (yet to be electronically signed) from eSignLive ? Is there a 'Print' button available ? This is just a backup and can help in obtaining the wet signature from customer and close the deal .