Displaying pending alerts in the Alert and Rule Match tab

Pending alerts contain information on transactions or NME that have matched a rule. The Risk & Relationship Management dashboard displays all records that contain such pending alerts for further processing. The dashboard of the Alert and Rule Match tab displays a dedicated grid for each defined alert category.

The dashboard only displays any alert category grids if there is at least one pending alert that is currently not locked by another fraud analyst.

Navigate to Alerts > Alert and Rule Match in the Risk & Relationship Management dashboard to access the grid(s) with the pending alerts to be processed. To access the pending alert you wish to process, click on the corresponding alert category hyperlink in the header of the alert category grid.

The number of matches to process can be filtered by adjusting the display settings with the required parameters for the selected alert category.

To adjust display settings

  1. Select and open the alert category for which you wish to adjust the display settings in the navigation pane or select the alert category hyperlink in the dashboard.

  2. Open the Display Settings accordion.

  3. Select the parameters you wish to use for a refined display of record settings.

  4. Click Search.

The changed settings are stored in Risk Analytics Presentation ServiceClosed A highly dynamic web interface that provides webpages for the user to intuitively interact with Risk Analytics. It is a Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 ASP.NET application hosted inside Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). for the current session. Once you log off, the display settings are restored to the default values.

If the display settings are not adjusted, the view and table layout for each accordion corresponds to the configurations of the Risk Analytics database.