Processing pending alerts

After selecting the relevant alert category in the dashboard, you can access all matched pending alert(s). You can also access the individual pending alert that matched the ruleClosed Rules are used to define sets of criteria to verify if an event (transaction and non-monetary event) matches any fraudulent behavior. If an event matches a previously defined rule, an alert can be raised. by clicking on the corresponding hyperlink in the Customer Link column, both in the Alert Category of the Alert and Rule Match tab, or in the Matches table. This takes you to a page with the customizable overview grid of all events for both transactions and non-monetary events at all hierarchy levels for the selected customer. The grid row with the details of the event that raised the alert is highlighted.

You can customize the grid and determine which columns you wish to display by clicking EDIT TABLE. Several columns also offer an input field for entering search terms—this allows you to search the grid by the specific search term and column.

The matched alert recordClosed When a pending alert becomes available for processing, a unique alert record is created that can be tracked throughout its life cycle. Alert records are never reopened; once closed, they remain closed. In the event that a case must be reopened, a new alert record is created. displayed in Risk Analytics Presentation ServiceClosed A highly dynamic web interface that provides webpages for the user to intuitively interact with Risk Analytics. It is a Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 ASP.NET application hosted inside Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). is an exact copy of the event information at the time the event actually matched the rule. Select the table entry for the matched record and process the relevant record as required. As soon as you have selected the record, its status changes to Locked, and Risk Analytics Presentation Service displays who has locked the record and for which alert the record is locked.

To process the pending alerts chronologically, click the date hyperlinks in the Oldest or Newest columns for the alert or the individual matched rules. You can also unlock locked pending alerts here; doing so will take you back to the Alert Session overview page.

Processing several pending alerts at the same time

To process all rules and pending alerts for the selected record in one step, the dashboard offers you the Complete button. This button is available in every row of the Matched Rule table(s) in the Alert Category. After you click this button, a dialogue window opens and prompts you to define how to process the record; select which actions are to be taken and click Save.

The Complete button is available for users with administrator rights for Risk Analytics Presentation Service only.