Working with Forensic Analysis

You can modify the filters as required in the left pane of the Forensic Analysis page.

To use a different pivot factor than the default one, select the required factorClosed Pivot factors establish the link between an event and its context to provide a graphical representation of the context associated with a selected event in the Forensic Analysis page of Risk Analytics Presentation Service. The default pivot factor used for constructing the graph is Customer. from the Pivot Factor list menu; select the check boxes of the corresponding dimensionsClosed The dimensions are attributes used in Risk Analytics Forensic Analysis, derived from its relationship references. Depending on the selected pivot factor, the dimensions that can be selected for display change dynamically., and set the periods as required by moving the blocks on the time line.

Time line settings do not automatically adapt when changing the pivot factor!

Click Execute to generate a new graph based on your selected filters. Clicking Reset sets the graph back to the default setup.

Analyzing the graph data

In the graph, each sphere represents an event for each of the chosen dimensions. If you point to any sphere, the Dashboard displays the event’s details.

If an event takes place regularly over several periods, this event is represented in each period with a sphere of the same color for all dimensions; the spheres of this event are aligned in a row across all periods. The size of the sphere is proportional to the density of the event for each dimension involved. If, for instance, the dimension is Beneficiary, the size of each sphere is proportional to the amount of the transfer effected by the user under investigation; if the dimension is the IP Location, the size of each sphere is proportional to the number of times the user under investigation logs in from a particular IP location.

If a dimension is highlighted, you can select that dimension and drag-and-drop it into the center circle to use as your new pivot factor. When you click Execute, the other dimensions in the graph remain the same, and the previous pivot factor becomes a dimension.

You can download the graph as Excel table by clicking the corresponding button.