Searching pending alerts

You can search for pending alerts to be supervised and investigated via the navigation pane of the Risk & Relationship Management tab.

The Risk & Relationship Management navigation pane offers you different possibilities to search the database; you can search events by:

REF (can be chosen): For any reference (REF) that is sent to Risk Analytics it sends a unique ID that corresponds to the reference. The REF can be chosen because the customer (e.g. the bank) decides what is used (a token instead of the real account number).

ID (is generated): The database generates the IDs.

For every new search, the Clear button needs to be clicked—Risk Analytics Presentation Service does not delete any values after displaying the search results. If the button is not clicked, the previously entered data remain active as search parameters, in addition to the data entered for the new search, which will lead to cross-searches and potentially invalid search results!