Displaying pending alerts in the alert session

To access the matched pending alert of the current session and the alert category you are currently working on, navigate to Alerts > Alert Session in the Risk & Relationship Management dashboard.

Alert Session displays all pending alerts of the alert category you are working on. This tab allows you to return and resume the processing of the last record you were managing.

By pointing to a closed padlock icon of an alert recordClosed When a pending alert becomes available for processing, a unique alert record is created that can be tracked throughout its life cycle. Alert records are never reopened; once closed, they remain closed. In the event that a case must be reopened, a new alert record is created., the name of the user managing this record is displayed. Consequently, you can use this feature to find the last alert record you processed, and also to see who is currently working on the other pending alert(s). The Alert Session display is cleared once daily by a scheduled job if no record is being processed by any user.

By clicking on a link in the Alert Category column, you can view the list of the alert records belonging to this category. By clicking on a link in the Customer Link column, you can view the linked hierarchy details and process the record as described above. By pointing to an entry in the Alert Placement Rule column, you can view the ID of the rule that caused the alert to be placed here.