My Alerts

The My Alerts page provides a user-based view on raised alerts for convenient alert review by fraud analysts. This page enables you to review alerts that have matched a given rule for e.g. the same customer which are not being analyzed by another user. The My Alert page allows you to select, filter, and group the alerts as required. You can group the defined query by a number of parameters, e.g. by date. Once defined, you can also save the custom query by clicking the SAVE CUSTOM QUERY button where it is possible to save the column filters, in addition to other selection parameters such as the type of alert. These saved custom queries can be re-used and also be shared with other users. You can open the saved custom queries by clicking the corresponding button.

The ALERT SETTINGS menu serves to select which alerts to display. The alerts can be selected according to certain parameters such as the type of alert, if the selected alert is locked by another fraud analyst and which fraud analyst, by time and/or date range etc.

Via the SEARCH CUSTOMERS field you can search for all events of a single customer. Enter the customer name or parts of the name in the input field and press Enter.

You must enter at least 3 characters in the search field!

Presentation Service lists all customers whose name match the name you entered. You can expand the list of the customer's name in the Search panel to get quick information on any pending actions for that customer's records, or click the name to access the Case Management page of that customer.