When signing a document via OneSpan that was sent out via Laserfiche Workflow, the only option is the screen below where you manually draw your signature. I have been told that with standard OneSpan you also have the option to fill in the signer's name via clicking, or perhaps typing in the name, or some other method that is more convenient than manually signing. Is there any way to do this with the Laserfiche integration? We have one person who has to sign many documents and having to draw out the signature every time is very tedious for them.



I am migrating servers for Laserfiche and OneSpan. Laserfiche 11 is successfully migrated, LF Server, Web Client, Workflow, etc.

I have downloaded the latest OneSpan connector for Laserfiche. I have run the installer for WebClient, Workflow, and Notification Service. When configuring OneSpan in Web Client, (login as admin, click more actions, select OneSpan) I am unable to get a dropdown task for Create or Update configuration for OneSpan.

Are there procedures to migrate the OneSpan configuration? 

Thank you,