Hello everybody,


I try to implement a signing order, but it doesn't work. All three Emails are sent at the same time.

What's wrong? Here is my json code:


"documents": [


"approvals": [


"id": "ExampleSignatureId",

"role": "Signer1",

"fields": [


"page": 0,

"top": 100,

"subtype": "FULLNAME",

"height": 50,

"left": 100,

"width": 200,

"type": "SIGNATURE",

"name": "ExampleSignatureId1"




As the title asks:   I'm working on an in-person signing flow where all signers will be on the same device, and am embedding the signing ceremony in an iFrame.  For aesthetics and ease of control, I want to get rid of the welcome/signup/guest login controls, as well as the "For Assistance" number from the upper right page of the screen.  Is that something that can be done?

Hi, In our native iOS app (Swift), we get signing sessionToken from our own endpoint, and then launch webview with the URL like:{sessionToken} for signing ceremony. Previously, we capture the redirection events after the ceremony finished and goes back to our logic. But those events were eliminated a couple of months ago from eSignlive side. A workaround version was provided and eSignlive suggested us to use SDK to handle it. Now we get a chance to try eSignlive SDK, but so far didn't find any way to resolve this issue.
I have been reviewing the options to customize the look/feel of the signing ceremony here: 1) If you use a command to remove a certain piece, for example the bread crumbs or session, can you reorder the other functions you do want to display so there is no dead space? Or is it if they are removed the placeholder will be there. So in the example on that URL, the session bar and global navigation has been removed, but it looks like the remaining elements stick to their position.