Hello Support,

We are using .NET sdk for designer view. 
but, when user implementing designing view, every time he has to place signature on document and send e-sign email.

so, my question is that do you have any method that supporting e-signing both ways in designer view?

1. Do we add signature in fixed location. so, user don't need to drag and drop signatures on document every time.

2. Also, if he want to add signatures on the fly. he can do without any restriction.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Support Team,

We are using designer view for e-signing the documents. 
here, we passing multiple signers for document(s).

We found one issue here is that, if we pass 4 signers for 1 document at that time user 
placing 3 signers over the document(s), here we expecting that only signers 
added on the document will receive e-sign email.

But, OneSpan sending email to all 4 signers.  

Can we stop sending "e-Sign email" for those signer whose signature not included in the document
at the time of "SEND TO SIGN".


Hello Support Team,

I am using .Net SDK for esign designer view. 

Currently, I am using PDF files for esigning that is working as expected.

but, I want to know that how many documents types (other than PDF) are supported by onespan for esigning?

For ex. .docx, .doc, .xlsx etc.

Kindly let me know your feedback. 

Thanks in advance.



Hello Support,

as per requirement in my project, I have to pass multiple documents(2-3) in same package for multiple e-signing.

and after e-singing of all the parties, I have to separate out these multiple documents by category.

I am using .net SDK for this. 

Class Name:

EslClient eslClient = new EslClient(apiKey, apiUrl);

Trying below method for getting individual documents.

byte[] originaldocument = eslClient.DownloadDocument(packageId, documentId);


eSign Document is embedded as an iframe. While the signing ceremony is being performed on  mobile we came across unexpected behavior on clicking of Cancel in the pop-up (which is launched when we tap to sign)


Please see attached document for more details



Actual Result:

“Please confirm to complete the signature” doesn’t appear on top of the document to confirm.

Expected Result:

“Please confirm to complete the signature” should appear on top of the document to confirm.


Hi Team, I am trying to use the REST APIs to Integrate Silanis with my application. Before I code any API URL in my program, I want to test and validate URIs using PostMan Client. I have tried couple of sample programs shared in Developers blogs and are working fine, But write the code to meet my requirement I should be able to get a feel of the URLs by testing them in PostMan client, But note of the URI are working for me. I am sure definitely, I am missing something.