We currently use the Microsoft SharePoint connector for eSignLive and that works great for us. However, we have some use cases where we'd like to start using the Dynamics connector as well. Is there a way to save the signed documents from completed packages in SharePoint, even though the package was created from the Dynamics connector? Any help would be appreciated. Darin
I'm using Firefox Poster to try to create my http call to create a package in eSignLive with the API and am struggling a bit. From Poster I send a POST request to withthe content as:
   "name": "My Document",
   "description":"New Package",
Any idea where I'm going wrong?
How do I add a signer to a package that I've already created? I see how to create a package with signers already in it by following this tutorial: But I don't see in there how to do it if the package is already created. Thanks, hsamson
Would anyone happen to have a full blown, sample Java application with e-SignLive integrated, that they can share? We have an idea of what we want to do, but it would be nice to see a sample application, to see if there are any things we might be overlooking that would make our integration cleaner or more feature-full. Thank you, Rex