Hi OSS Community Team,

For signer person ui we use OneSpan signing URL ({:transactionId}/sign&loginToken=******) to get data, in this case we get HTML page.

Is there some way to get in response JSON instead of HTML?



We have received some complaints from customers that are not receiving the OTP in their signature process.

We already raised a ticket to OneSpan support with the incident, and they told us that apparently the sms is being triggered without any issue from their systems. 

We are using OneSpan REST API to create and process all the transaction mostly based on the OOTB rulesets you provide.


Hi Team,

I was thinking to implement a dynamic authentication to One Span sign server from Guidewire. Currently how it works is we use the API KEY of the owner account and only that owner can review the package. But our requirement is that authentication needs to be dynamic, like according to the user we are logged in we should be able to authenticate based on that user (multiple owners and their respective api keys). Can this be done please let us know.

We'd like to configure an internal SMS Provider into our "on premise" eSignLive platform. The Platform Administrators guide suggests that this can be done by simply making the appropriate settings to the file. It also seems we would then need to engage this service via SOAP. Are there any other configuration steps, or considerations for setting up an internal SMS Provider solution for our eSignature on premise solution? Thanks, Todd
Is there any way how we can authenticate the signing process using email address rather than the phonenumber. The scenario to be more precise is that after eslClient.SendPackage(packageId); When we get the signingUrl back, we would want to authenticate it via email. I have found the authentication via phone number in one of your forums. But could not find the authentication for the email. Thanks, Sumit
Example code shows how to authenticate a signer though Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA).
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