I use the Designer (transaction/{package_id}/design) in an iFrame in our WebApp.

  It shows correctly, but I would like to remove the button "Send to Sign" at the top right.

  I've seen this page:

  But I don't seems to get how I can set the settings when I create the draft package to change the behavior of the designer page.  I've only seen settings for the ceremony layout.


As the title asks:   I'm working on an in-person signing flow where all signers will be on the same device, and am embedding the signing ceremony in an iFrame.  For aesthetics and ease of control, I want to get rid of the welcome/signup/guest login controls, as well as the "For Assistance" number from the upper right page of the screen.  Is that something that can be done?



Our integration using the .NET SDK involves showing the designer view in an iframe through our website. This has served us well over the years but recently we have gotten more and more customers reaching out with issues regarding IE 11 and getting an error of "Could not connect" - usually this is resolved by having them add to the trusted sites in their security settings - however this is becoming increasingly more cumbersome.

Is there something we can do on our end to prevent this from being a regular occurrence?

A sample iOS demo showcases how to embed Signing Ceremony into WKWebView.
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I have been trying to wait to ask more questions and consolidate them in one post for you. Your welcome. :) Regarding the iframe/inperson signing ceremony. In the package API that we send to eSignLive to create the signing ceremony iframe, is an email address for each signer required? Edit (mwilliams): Other questions moved to a separate post.

When accessing a session URL, I can see that eSignLive returns a few 302s and the browser does some redirects. For whatever reason, Chrome cancels one of these redirects when it's in an iFrame ({packageId}/sign). This seems to result in eSignLive falling back on{packageId}/sign, and Chrome gets upset about the mixed-content. Has anyone else encountered this problem and is there a solution? I don't expect this is specific to URLs generated from the Java SDK, but that's how I'm integrating.