I have created a template in my eSignLive account. As the UI requires, I have uploaded a document. I have been trying to create a transaction using this template, however, I need to add documents to this transaction, on top of the ones provided in the template. Looking at the eSignLiveTemplate documentation (, it doesn't seem possible Am I missing something ? is it really not possible ?
 Tutorial on how to upload a document through multipart/form-data using Postman.
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Direct file upload - File will be hosted on developer website
Hi - I am using the document retrieval URL. (/packages/:packageId/document/:documentId/pdf) When I receive the PDF on my end, the document is password protected. Is there a way to turn this off? I assume this would happen at the point of package creation. Thanks
You guys have been incredibly helpful, and I know you're bogged down. But I figured I would throw this up here and see what information you can provide. I am getting an Unexpected Error. Our technical staff have been notified and will look into the problem.
Hi, I've read through the rest api documentation at ( and am interested in finding out if there is a sample code available for invoking the "Create a new document package along with document binaries" API. A sample request payload is provided in the link but a sample code to create package via this api would be great. Specifically, would like to find out how the documents are attached in the json. thanks Neel