We're trying to implement OneSpan Sign, but in the process of using Apex SDK, we noticed that Callback Event Notifications are not getting created for the transaction. If we create the transaction manually in Salesforce, event notifications are created for the transaction. Is there a set of requirements that need to be met in order for Callback Notifications to be turned on for a Transaction?


Hello Community, 

I was able to install the connector on My Salesforce Dev-Org the app is showing when I go to the Admin page to connect to my OneSpan Sign sandbox I select the right environnement US2 sandbox ( when I his connect a new window pops up to connect and I have the following error message : 



this happens both when I try with my credentials & API key 

I was wondering if You guys would be able to help 


We were able to leverage the ceremony settings and were able to take our customers to our defined url after they complete signature.

Two days ago, it mysteriously stopped working. Now it just shows "Done" button which does not do anything.


OneSpanAPIObjects.Settings settings= new OneSpanAPIObjects.Settings();

                settings.ceremony = new  OneSpanAPIObjects.CeremonySettings();

                //return url set and button label

                settings.ceremony.handOver = new OneSpanAPIObjects.Link();

This example code showcases you how to expose a web service in Salesforce that functions as a callback listener
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I have a question on how to install a writeback to defined salesforce fields after completing esign package. I already build a convention, that is working properly and writing back values inside PDF to defined Salesforce fields. If trying the same with given convention by using an created Custom Action, inside the package information on successful writeback is given, but fields inside salesforce object are not updated as expected. Inside URL, option for WriteBack is set to 1 and package is created properly. Can anyone help me, what is missing?


We’re looking to use OneSpan Sign directly in a Salesforce Community (Community Plus licenses) out of the box but it's not working.

We're trying to do it using the method in the "Creating a Transaction from a Custom Action" section of this page: and we've given the community user access to all of the OneSpan pages, objects, fields, etc.