Hello Duo, 

Here is our use case scenario: 

As I was testing my onespan integration into our system, I have recently found that the custom fields are bound to one particular recipient and at the time of signing, that recipient will only see that data. This scenario has become a problem for us because our document revolves around property contract signing, the agent should be able to see all the prefilled data before send to sign. I can't use indexing in this case as sender is not the part of a contract. 


We have a use case where an Authorization document will be signed by our client. This authorization document will be used by several other internal members to sign the document again. This can happen after 3 months or 6 months, etc. We want to download the Authorization document signed by the client and use this document later to be signed by our internal team members when needed. We do not want to loos the authenticity of the previous document. Is this possible?





Hi ,

We are having documents inside a template. In runtime user is choosing what documents needs to be esigned based on that we will clone documents from a template and delete the extra roles and will send for esign.

Now we have a requirement like based on the number of signers document inside a template should have dynamic content added, for example one signer one signing instructions and two signers two signing instructions. How it can be achieved ?


Hi ,

We are already using onespan . As per our design we have 10 documents in a template. In our UI user will choose out of 10 documents what documents  need to be signed . Based on that we will clone documents from a template and delete the extra roles and we will send the documents for esign . 

There is a requirement like sometimes we need to send multiple copies of a particular document available in a template.

But during cloning if we send same document id multiple times , only one document is available in a cloned package.


Hello all, we require to add preview functionality to our system before sending a document to signers. I couldn't see an API for this. Does Onespan provide a preview URL?

As a workaround, we may follow these steps:
- Clone an existing package/template
- Update approvals
- Download document (PDF) and use it in preview
- Delete this temporary package

I think this is not the best way. Do you suggest any other solution?


We need to retrieve the document associated data using the SDK. In Postman, we can view the document data using REST /packages/{packageId}/documents/{documentId}.  However, we are getting an empty map using the getData() method.  Is there a way to retrieve this data using the SDK?  


I can PUT to /packages/{packageId} and update a package's data node.

However I failed to update a document's data node (PUT to /packages/{packageId}/documents/{documentId}).

I also tried, but failed, to update the data node of the approvals object (PUT to  /packages/{packageId}/documents/{documentId}/approvals).

One can see that OSS is storing information in the data node of both the document object and the approvals array but is there a way for integrators to add elements to these nodes, in the same way that one can do it for the package object?