Hi, is there a way to test the callback feature so that when there is a callback from ESL (example after the signing ceremony is completed), it calls my Dev running the webservice ? like http://localhost/api/eslListener/ ? Assuming: I've added the callback url as http://localhost/api/eslListener/ with the PACKAGE_COMPLETE Event ENABLED ?
Hi, On the DOCUMENT_SIGNED callback is it possible to know who has signed the document directly or in some other way indirectly? I need the email of the person who has signed the document for our application workflow. What can I do with the sessionUser attribute. Example Payload: {"@class":"com.silanis.esl.packages.event.ESLProcessEvent","name":"DOCUMENT_SIGNED","sessionUser":"4f04-46a5","packageId":"OrqxnWET0Qh","message":null,"documentId":"DOCUMENT_Contract"} Thanks, Abhijit
Example code on how to register for callback event notifications.
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