November 2023

New features and enhancements

Use production Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

The solution demo now uses the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) production environment.

Demo AAS app updated to version 2.0

The demo AAS app has been completely rewritten based on Google Flutter Framework. The new demo app provides a couple of advantages:

  • A completely redesigned MyBank Demo mobile app.
  • Support for multiple user profiles.
  • Configurable app shielding demo technology.
  • The possibility to see what happens behind the scenes with Mobile Security Suite/Intelligent Adaptive Authentication integration, with logs and debug messages.

GSOL-3157, GSOL-3154, GSOL-3153: Updated Google Analytics to Google Tag Manager

The Google Analytics tags were updated to Google Tag Manager. Additionally, the error handling has been improved.

GSOL-3147: Support for Digipass 770 Cronto

MyBank Demo now supports Digipass 770 Cronto hardware authenticators.

GSOL-3131, GSOL-3103: Support for FIDO2

MyBank Demo now supports FIDO2 and Mobile App authentication. Furthermore, MyBank Demo also supports a new mobile authenticator AAS2. The FIDO library was updated to support FIDO2 requests.

GSOL-3089: New pop-up for login events with Intelligent Adaptive Authentication

The error response details were enhanced to provide more information to users if a transaction with Intelligent Adaptive Authentication fails.

GSOL-3082: Include version information in logs

The demo websites now correctly log the version, name, and applications for back-end troubleshooting the platform.

GSOL-3073: User recordID now automatically incremented

In previous versions, the record ID was initially set to 0 for each new user record. Beginning with this release, the user record ID is a unique and automatically increasing number. Existing user record IDs are automatically updated to the next available largest ID associated with the respective tenant application reference (appRef).

A new login and event challenge were added. Time and currency information is now included in the transaction details. The recordID is now included in the push notification.

Furthermore, this change includes a couple of various related fixes, including fixes related to the event field list, login and login message, missing bill pay day information, external wires notifications, OneSpan Sign business wires.

GSOL-3139, GSOL-3069: Updated Intelligent Adaptive Authentication API calls

The code base has been updated to use the latest Intelligent Adaptive Authentication API. The TID platform APIs was replaced with TID service APIs, hence deprecated operations have been replaced by their corresponding substitutions or have been refactored. The timeout values were adapted to match the API.

Administrative delete was fixed, administrative unlock was added.

Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) handling was added to the Sessions API.

The riskResponseCode API changed, the demos were adjusted accordingly.

GSOL-3067: MADS BMA package updated to 1.2

Fixes and other changes

GSOL-3129: Event date format error

Description: In certain circumstances, the data validation of the event data can fail with a "Value must not exceed 20 characters" message. In particular, all months except September are abbreviated with 3 letters, but Sept is 4.

Status: This issue has been fixed. The demo code was updated to circumvent the TID limitation that all months must be 3 letters.

GSOL-3102: Subject too long error

Description: The subject of a login and transaction signing message cannot exceed 42 characters. The title of such messages cannot exceed 30 characters.

Status: This issue has been fixed. The newly introduced TID service API limits the title field to 30 character limit, the demos have been adjusted accordingly..

GSOL-3085: Improved error message

Description: If the transaction response is unknown because the risk rule has been improperly configured, the error message is misleading.

Status: This issue has been fixed. The respective error message has been improved.

GSOL-3083: Uncaught promises in transaction

Description: MyBank Demo does not correctly handle certain errors in the user reset transaction (Intelligent Adaptive Authentication) that can yield an "Uncaught (in promise)" error.

Status: This issue has been fixed.

March 2022

New features and enhancements

New platform 2.0 released

A new version of the demo platform has been released. It provides the following key enhancements:

  • Faster deployments
  • Capacity for more demos
  • Modularization of services to reuse them between demos

Demo AAS app updated to version 1.1.6

GSOL-2407, GSOL-2391: New MADS BMA download page

A download page for the new MADS BMA app has been added. Respective PDF documentation for the MADS BMA app is available from main page and the downloads page.

GSOL-2404: Multi-user support

The MyBank Demo website now supports multiple users.

GSOL-2402: New banking help desk story

A new banking help desk demo page is now available. It implements a scenario to demonstrate how wire transactions are authenticated/signed remotely with the interaction of help desk employees.

GSOL-2221: New troubleshooting log collection service

sc-logz was moved to new typescript/node format.

GSOL-2017: UX enhancement when user enters tenant information

When a user submits a tenant to check on common sites, the submit button now shows a spinner animation while the check is in progress.

Fixes and other changes

GSOL-2399: Intelligent Adaptive Authentication failure with CORS error

Description: A CORS issue occurs when a Cronto image expires immediately on /v1/checksessionstatus.

Status: This issue has been fixed.

GSOL-2313: Incorrect error handling during OneSpan Sign processes

Description: When a OneSpan Sign document creates an error, the error is thrown in the OneSpan Sign common class as a promise error that cannot be handled.

Status: This issue has been fixed.

GSOL-2182: Timer issue when canceling the registration

Description: Under some circumstances, a timer issue occurs when users attempt to cancel a registration process.

Status: This issue has been fixed.

GSOL-2178: Incorrect app download link

Description: When users completed the signup process, the download link to the app incorrectly directs them to the staging environment.

Status: This issue has been fixed.

GSOL-2134: Optical issue with expired Cronto images

Status: This issue has been fixed.

GSOL-2086: SMS option incorrectly available

Description: In some dialogs, a Send SMS button is available, although sending SMS is currently not supported.

Status: This issue has been fixed. The respective buttons have been removed.

GSOL-1991: Deposit amount does not update dynamically

Description: The Amount box on the Bill Pay page does not dynamically update with entered amount like name and account number (OneSpan registration form).

Status: This issue has been fixed.

October 2021

New features and enhancements

GSOL-2088: Removed all non-module files

Non-module files have been removed from all common sites. As a consequence, you need to import each module that you want to use. The used file types are now consistent across all platform solutions.

GSOL-2084: Contact us link redirects to forums

Contact Us links on site headers and footers have been changed to redirect to the Community Portal forums instead of support.

GSOL-2038: Message delivery improvements

The way messages are delivered through the new message delivery service has been cleaned up and reconfigured. Emails and SMS for sign-up and downloads are now sent via the message delivery service when specific actions are taken on the demo sites.

GSOL-2032: REST API changed to use PUT requests

The REST API has been changed to Firebase to accept PUT requests instead of GET requests.

GSOL-778: Remember me option

A new Remember me check box has been added to allow users to save a specific demo user account as their preferred account when logging in. If one of multiple demo users is flagged as the preferred demo user, the demo website will automatically log in that user via Intelligent Adaptive Authentication when a login attempt is made.

Fixes and other changes

GSOL-1972: Error with Cronto timer

Description: When starting a login process, but exiting the login, the Cronto timer remains in an incorrect state when trying again at a later time.

Status: This issue has been fixed. The login process and the timer are now correctly reset when a login attempt is canceled before completion.

GSOL-1951: Error when navigating to main screen and trying to log in too quickly

Description: When attempting to log in too quickly after navigating to the main screen, the login process fails with a "Loading user from Database failed." error message.

Status: This issue has been fixed. The page will now make a second attempt and wait for users to load from the database.

August 2021

New features and enhancements

GSOL-618: Zip code library changed to

The embedded zip code library ( has been replaced with for all sign-up forms.

Fixes and other changes

GSOL-2002: Settings dialog appears with each waiting dialog

Description: The Settings dialog appears every time a waiting modal dialog is shown.

Status: This issue has been fixed. The Settings dialog is now correctly shown only if the Settings icon has been clicked.

GSOL-1979: Error when closing a bill pay transaction

Description: When creating a bill pay transaction and closing the transaction dialog, the site shows a "Cannot set property 'src' of undefined" error message (Cronto display).

Status: This issue has been fixed.

GSOL-1978: Error when approving a transfer transaction

Description: When creating a transfer transaction and approve it, the site shows a "Cannot read property 'catch' of undefined" error message (originating from the TransactionWire module).

Status: This issue has been fixed.

GSOL-1977: Error in Settings dialog

Description: An issue in the Settings module caused by an improperly formatted Settings object leads to a 414 error response.

Status: This issue has been fixed.

GSOL-1976: Registration pager issues when OneSpan Sign is disabled

Description: When OneSpan Sign is disabled, it is impossible to advance past the second page of the sign-up process. This issue occurs only if a user has multiple authenticator types.

Status: This issue has been fixed.

GSOL-1975: Business transfer transaction does not cancel

Description: A transaction does not cancel when the user creates a business transfer, navigates to a new tab, and then navigates back.

Status: This issue has been fixed.

GSOL-1973: Error when deleting an already deleted user

Description: When attempting to delete a user account that has already been deleted in TID, the Admin page throws an error and remains unresponsive.

Status: This issue has been fixed. The user is now removed from the local storage. Any related error returned by TID is ignored.

GSOL-1967: Zip code not updated when selecting another country

Description: When changing the selected country, the zip code list retains its current value and is not updated to match the respective country/city.

Status: This issue has been fixed.

GSOL-1949: Account balance incorrectly reset

Description: When applying to OneSpan Identity Verification, the user account balance is incorrectly set to undefined.

Status: This issue has been fixed.

GSOL-1934: Incorrect Cronto image timer

Description: When navigating away from the mobile activation screen and back again, the Cronto image does not display the timer properly, but has multiple timers active.

Status: This issue has been fixed. Now a new registration attempt is made each time the user navigates to the page. Any other registration event in progress is canceled.

GSOL-1119: Error when using UK and Brazil zip codes

Description: When attempting to use UK or Brazil zip codes (even valid ones), a 404 error response is returned.

Status: This issue has been fixed. Valid zip codes in the UK and Brazil will now properly populate the City field in sign-up forms.

July 2021

New features and enhancements

Common list for preferred countries

All platform sites now share a common list for preferred countries in the Mobile Phone and Country drop-down lists. These settings can be overridden via a settingsDialog JSON file.

Settings are now modules

The settings and OneSpan Sign settings are now accessible as modules, which facilitates loading and enhances reusability.

Default country arrays now available via Settings module

The default country arrays have been moved to the Settings module, which can be overridden via the settingsDialog JSON file. The Mobile Phone and Country drop-down lists can now easily be placed anywhere.

Multiple user logins

You can now register multiple users and choose to log in with any of these users via the home screen by entering the relevant user name.

Preferred user

When multiple users are registered, a preferred user flag and the corresponding workflows are now available. Also, a workflow is availalbe when a single user has a preferred flag. The following login scenarios are possible:

  • When you attempt to log in and no user has a preferred flag.
  • When you attempt to log in and more than one user has a preferred flag.

    In either case, you will be prompted to select the user with which you would like to log in (via the username).

  • When you attempt to log in and a single user has a preferred flag.

    In that case, the Intelligent Adaptive Authentication user login process for that user will automatically start, either allowing you to log in or asking for step-up authentication.

The preferred user flag can be set on the user administration page.

Select country from Mobile Phone drop-down list

In the OneSpan Identity Verification part of MyBank Demo you can now select the country from the Mobile Phone drop-down list, as well as entering the country code manually, to switch between countries.

Changes in Account Signup form

In the Account Signup form, all fields now have a single check box to enable or disable each selection. Previously included joint account selections have been removed.

User name automatically filled for non-Gravatar emails

The user name Ima.Cardholder will now be filled automatically if a user attempts to create an account with an email that is not in Gravatar.

Redirection to sign-up page when attempting to login without activated users

If a login is attempted without an activated user, a pop-up window appears, displaying a message that no users have completed the activation process. The Sign Up button at the bottom redirects the user to the sign-up page to register a new account.

Fixes and other changes

GSOL-1873: Pager of onboarding pages not updated correctly

Description: The pager on the bottom of the onboarding pages is not updated correctly and skips the OneSpan Sign onboarding form page. This occurs after signing the pager when navigating back and forth between the pages.

Status: This issue has been fixed.

GSOL-1475: Transactions not declined

Description: Transactions are not declined when switching tabs within the Bill Pay section of MyBank Demo.

Status: This issue has been fixed.

GSOL-1354: Tenant information not in lower case

Description: The tenant information is not converted to lower case if it is passed in another format.

Status: This issue has been fixed. The settings configuration will now convert the tenant information to lower case, regardless of whether it is received from the Community Portal or via the pop-up window.

GSOL-927: Issue with Cronto progress bar

Description: In the Cronto progress bar, the timer shifts its position as time decreases.

Status: This issue has been fixed. The timer stays in the middle of the bar, and it will also change its color once the progress bar has decreased past it.