Use case scenario: Remote customer authentication and transaction signing (Help desk)

Involved solutions:

This use case is initiated via the Settings dialog.

About this scenario

This scenario demonstrates how wire transactions are authenticated/signed remotely with the interaction of help desk employees.

The bank customer needs to do a wire transaction that requires remote authentication and transaction signing. To complete the transaction, the customer has already submitted the wire instructions to the bank. The bank help desk agent has identified that this transaction is next in the daily work queue.

Before you begin

To walk through this scenario, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Create the required demo user.
  • Create the required rule for risk analysis.

To create the demo user

  1. Create a new demo user account as described in Use case scenario: Account opening, but use the following user settings:

    • First Name: John
    • Last Name: Doe
    • Username: John.Doe
  2. (OPTIONAL) Set up a profile at so that the MyBank Demo website can use your Gravatar in this scenario (see Signing up to

To create the required custom rule for risk analysis

  1. Sign in to the Risk Analytics Presentation Service via
  2. Select DESIGN RULES & ACTIONS > Rule Management.
  3. Navigate to the non-monetary events in the Rules list, i.e. Non Mon Events, and locate the Adaptive Authentication campaign.
  4. Click the Create Division icon and add a new division to the Adaptive Authentication campaign:

    • Name: Web Login
    • Priority: High
    • Criteria: IS NON_MON_EVENT_TYPE_KEY = LoginAttempt
  5. Select the new division and click the Create Rule icon to add a new rule to the division:

    • Rule > Name: Challenge Login
    • Rule > Priority: High
    • History Criteria: n/a
    • Match Criteria: n/a
    • Action: n/a
    • Response/Status > Relationship Hierarchy Level: Non Mon Event Level
    • Response/Status > Field Name: RESPONSE_CODE
    • Response/Status > Set Value: ChallengePin
  6. Select the Web Login division and click the Toggle Division icon to enable it.
  7. Select the Challenge Login rule and click the Toggle Rule icon to enable it.

For more information about Risk Analytics Presentation Service and how to create rules, see Risk Analytics Presentation Service Admin Guides.

Walkthrough: Remote customer authentication and transaction signing

Remote customer authentication and transaction signing

  1. Open the Help Desk page via the Settings dialog on the MyBank Demo website.

    Background: The bank help desk agent is working through the daily work queue and has come upon John Doe's wire transaction request.

  2. On the help desk page, select John Doe in the Tasks list.

    Background: This initiates a phone call from the bank to John Doe. Upon John Doe answering the bank's call, the bank help desk agent informs John Doe that further verification is needed and a push notification will be sent to John's mobile phone that must be confirmed before the call can continue.

  3. (OPTIONAL) In the Customer Validation section, enable Custom Login Message? and type a custom verification message.

    The custom login message is optional in case the help desk agent requires more details in the push notification message.

  4. In the Customer Validation section, click >>>.

    Background: A push notification is sent to John Doe's activated mobile bank app. John will approve the login request.

    After John has approved the login request, the help desk agent is granted access to John's wire transaction that has been previously submitted. The help desk agent reviews the details of the transaction with John while on the phone. Once the review has been completed, the help desk agent informs John that the transaction details that were just discussed will be sent to John's activated mobile bank app. John will need to review and approve them to complete the transaction.

    The Status box at the bottom of the Tasks section is constantly updated with information as the process continues. This allows the agent to inspect the transaction progress.

  5. Click Send for validation.

    Background: The help desk agent clicks Send for Validation to send the transaction details push notification to John, who reviews and approves the transaction. The help desk agent will see the transaction completed and closed, or any other status messages will appear in the Status box.

Additional tasks

Customizing the page experience

You can customize the look and feel of the help desk page with themes.

To access the customization settings, click the avatar in the top navigation bar and select Customization.

To create a new theme

  1. Click the avatar in the top navigation bar and select Customization.
  2. Click Manually Create a new Theme.
  3. Type a name in the Theme Name box.
  4. Adjust the colors of the various elements according to your preference.
  5. Upload a logo image and a page icon.

    The logo is displayed in the left top corner and should be 150x36 pixels in size.

    The page icon is used as the page favicon and should be 32x32 pixels in size.

  6. Click Submit.

To select a different theme

  1. Click the avatar in the top navigation bar and select Customization.
  2. Click Manage your themes.
  3. Select one of the defined themes or click none to reset to the default theme.
  4. Click Done.

To upload a custom page style sheet

  1. Click the avatar in the top navigation bar and select Customization.
  2. Click Upload a new Theme CSS file.
  3. Click Click to upload your CSS file and select your cascading style sheet (CSS) document.

    The page style is updated instantaneously.

    The custom CSS provides great flexibility in customizing the look of the help desk demo page. To reset to the default page style definitions, reload the page in your web browser.

  4. Click Done.