Use case scenario: Risk-based authentication for non-monetary events

Involved solutions:

This use case is initiated

  • from the Personal Banking Account page, when switching between banking apps (Details, Transfers, Payments)
  • from the Business Banking Account page, when viewing transaction details

About this scenario

This scenario demonstrates how various non-monetary and non-authentication events trigger a call to Risk Analytics to assess the risk involved in the corresponding user action. The following actions lead to risk assessment:

  • switching between personal banking apps
  • viewing personal account details
  • viewing business transaction details

When you perform an action that triggers risk assessment, you will see a pop-up showing a progress bar. This pop-up is for demonstration purposes, to explicitly indicate that Intelligent Adaptive Authentication is performing risk verification. You will probably not see such progress indicators in real-world applications.

Next steps

After completing this scenario, you can continue with Use case scenario: Adding new bill pay recipient.