Use case scenario: Commercial external electronic signature wire transfer

Involved solutions:

This use case is initiated from the Business Banking Account page, using the External Wires app.

About this scenario

This scenario is based on the default Risk Analytics transaction rules defined, triggering at different transaction value amounts:

  • 0–100. Push notification only, no PIN or other verification required.
  • 101–4999. Fingerprint touch ID required.
  • 5000–100000. Face recognition required.

If any authentication option is not available on the mobile device, the mobile device will default to using a PIN. This can be disabled in production environments.

You can inspect and modify these rules in the Risk Analytics Presentation Service via DESIGN RULES & ACTIONS > Rule Management > Rules > Transactions, e.g. Adaptive Authentication Web Payments (Medium) > Challenged TXN (High).

Before you begin

For this scenario, you need to be in the Business Acount section of your profile. For instructions how to switch sections, see Commercial external electronic signature wire transfer.

Walkthrough: Commercial external electronic signature wire transfer

Only the required fields need to be filled in. If you change the Beneficiary Bank Information Bank Name the bank name displayed in the push notification and in the transaction list will change. If you change the values in any other field that is not required, the transaction will not be modified and the values will not be used.

Commercial external electronic signature wire transfer

  1. On the MyBank Demo website, switch to your Business Account profile: click the Toggle switch to change from Personal to Business. Alternatively, in the Settings screen, you can change the setup to start in Business mode, log off and log in again
  2. Switch to the External Wires tab.
  3. In the WIRE TRANSFER INFORMATION section, specify the transfer amount:
    • Use whole dollar amounts only.
    • The same rules apply as with other transaction demos.
  4. In the BENEFICIARY (RECEIVER) INFORMATION section, specify the account number of the bank account to which the amount will be transferred. You can use any alphanumeric value.
  5. In the BENEFICIARY BANK INFORMATION section, specify the bank number (IBAN). You can use any alphanumeric value.
  6. Click SIGN to sign the wire transfer, and CONFIRM to confirm your signature.

    A transaction request is sent to your mobile device for additional authentication.

  7. In the OneSpan TID IAA Mobile Demo App on your mobile device, do one of the following:

    • Tap to confirm the transaction.
    • Validate the transaction by scanning the Cronto image.
  8. Review the transfer information and tap YES to confirm the transaction.

    The transaction is now approved and submitted.

Additional considerations

This scenario can also be used as a negative use case to demonstrate what happens if a transaction is declined or stopped. If you decline the transaction or wait for the transaction to time out, the transaction will be listed as blocked, and you will be informed of the blocked transaction.