Health Check Up

The MyBank Demo allows you to monitor your activities on the MyBank Demo website. It provides information on activities such as the date and time of your last login or details of transactions you have processed.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you access your Personal Account Profile on the MyBank Demo website.

    To switch from your Business Account Profile, on the MyBank Demo website, click the Toggle switch and change from Business to Personal. Alternatively, in the Settings screen, you can change the setup to start in Personal mode. For this change to take effect, you must, log off and then log in again.

Monitor your activities

  1. On the Account page of your Personal Account Profile, open the View your Security Health Check Up tab.

    This tab is automatically displayed after you sign in. If you close it and want to display it again, reload the page.

  2. On this tab, check the overview of activities for your user account.
  3. Select the Click to see more... link to obtain more details.

    This opens a dialog that displays your Risk Analytics Client Device Data Collector (CDDC) data in view-only mode.

  4. To exit both the dialog and the tab, close the dialog.