Use case scenario: Account opening

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This use case occurs when you create a new user account on the MyBank Demo website.

About this scenario

This scenario simulates a possible user onboarding workflow. When you create a new user account on the MyBank Demo website, you need to enter user data in an HTML form, and then sign the corresponding demo PDF contract via click-and-sign. In addition, you can download the OneSpan TID IAA Mobile Demo App and activate a Digipass license on the device for this new user.

During the registration process, Intelligent Adaptive Authentication analyzes the risk factors including the IP address, and the web browser and mobile environments.

In a production environment, the workflow as outlined in this scenario requires the additional implementation of OneSpan Identity Verification. OneSpan Identity Verification automates and secures digital customer workflows with an agreement cloud, digital identity verification, e-signatures, and digital audit trails.

Contact OneSpan Professional Services if you wish to implement OneSpan Identity Verification in your solution.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have completed the MyBank Demo setup steps. See Setting up MyBank Demo.
  • It is recommended that you sign up to so that the MyBank Demo website can use your Gravatar in this scenario. For more information, see Signing up to

Walkthrough: Account opening

Account opening

  1. On the MyBank Demo website, click NEW ACCOUNT to sign up to the demo.
  2. Type your email address and click Scan to scan the sample driver's license.

    MyBank Demo uses your email address to look up your Gravatar profile. Your image from Gravatar and your first and last name are inserted in the sample driver's license.

  3. On the Profile tab, the form fields are pre-populated with the information from the driver's license. Click Next.

    If you chose not to scan the driver's license, the form fields are empty. Fill the form manually. First Name, Last Name, and Email are required fields.

  4. Review the information in the Account Selection tab and click Next.

    Settings on this page are for demonstration purposes only. Changes to the settings will not be saved.

  5. On the Review and Sign tab, review the demo contract. Prime owner information is pre-populated with the data from the Profile tab.

  6. Click SIGN to sign the demo contract, and CONFIRM to confirm your signature. For information about New Signer Experience, see Using New Signer Experience.

    Alternatively, you can make changes to the form, which are replicated to the previous pages of the MyBank Demo website.

    After completing the signature, it is no longer possible to view or make changes to previous pages.

  7. Download and install the OneSpan TID IAA Mobile Demo App.

    You will receive an email with a link to download the OneSpan TID IAA Mobile Demo App (see Downloading the OneSpan TID IAA Mobile Demo App).

  8. Scan the Cronto image displayed in your browser window with the OneSpan TID IAA Mobile Demo App to activate the Digipass license.
  9. Specify and confirm the PIN to complete the Digipass license activation.

  10. The PIN cannot consist of sequential numbers.

    The Risk Analytics policy engine determines whether the PIN is allowed as a fallback method in case of no or limited mobile device support of biometric authentication.

Additional considerations

  • At any point during the scenario you can start from the beginning by clicking NEW ACCOUNT.
  • After electronic signing has been completed, you can continue with this scenario at any time from the Complete Enrollment tab. If, for example, you leave the page without completing the Digipass activation, you do not have to fill and sign the form again but can just complete the mobile registration.
  • The PIN defined for the OneSpan TID IAA Mobile Demo App is known by the device only and not shared with the server.

Next steps

After completing this scenario, you can continue with Use case scenario: Login step-up authentication.