We have a requirement like below

We will create few contract document templates(PDF) in onespan using onespan console. These document will have various fields(name, age etc) which will have to be populated programetically during esign journey. 

we also have few number of optional document templates which user might want to add as a part of the package during esign. They can add one or more optional documents. Template of optional document will be also present in onespan. 


Hi, i'm gettin this error message "OneSpanSign.Sdk.OssException: 'No Role found for signer email ", creating a package, this is the code that i'm using, thanks for the help.

 String API_KEY = "dzkxxxljQw==";
            String CLIENT_APP_ID = "17bbxxx338b";
            String CLIENT_APP_SECRET = "687964xxx79118c29";
            String BASE_API_URL = "";    
            String API_URL = BASE_API_URL + "/api";


Getting error when create package when read file from server.

Working Code: When read file from local machine


 var options = {

            'method': 'POST',

            'url': '',

            'headers': {

                'Authorization': 'Basic XXXXXXxxxxx',

                'Accept': 'application/json'


            formData: {

                     'file': {



I am trying to interface with OneSpan Sign using the REST API. I am using the LotusScript language on a HCL Notes / Domino platform.

When I send a package with no document, including only the json, it works fine. When I try to add a document using a MIME message, I always get the 406 Not Acceptable error message. I did some research in the forums but couldn't find any helpful help for this error.

HTTP request:


I'm trying to looking up the documentation for the POST /api/packages call within the Interactive API Definitions page in the sandbox environment, but when I click on this method, the page displays the following error:

Resolver error at paths./api/$ref
Could not resolve reference: Could not resolve pointer: /components/schemas/Package does not exist in document

Attached is a screen dump of what's displayed at the top of the page.