Hi, i'm gettin this error message "OneSpanSign.Sdk.OssException: 'No Role found for signer email ", creating a package, this is the code that i'm using, thanks for the help.

 String API_KEY = "dzkxxxljQw==";
            String CLIENT_APP_ID = "17bbxxx338b";
            String CLIENT_APP_SECRET = "687964xxx79118c29";
            String BASE_API_URL = "";    
            String API_URL = BASE_API_URL + "/api";


Getting error when create package when read file from server.

Working Code: When read file from local machine


 var options = {

            'method': 'POST',

            'url': '',

            'headers': {

                'Authorization': 'Basic XXXXXXxxxxx',

                'Accept': 'application/json'


            formData: {

                     'file': {



I am trying to interface with OneSpan Sign using the REST API. I am using the LotusScript language on a HCL Notes / Domino platform.

When I send a package with no document, including only the json, it works fine. When I try to add a document using a MIME message, I always get the 406 Not Acceptable error message. I did some research in the forums but couldn't find any helpful help for this error.

HTTP request:


I'm trying to looking up the documentation for the POST /api/packages call within the Interactive API Definitions page in the sandbox environment, but when I click on this method, the page displays the following error:

Resolver error at paths./api/$ref
Could not resolve reference: Could not resolve pointer: /components/schemas/Package does not exist in document

Attached is a screen dump of what's displayed at the top of the page.


CreatePackage with multiple documents works fine. CreatePackageOneStep with multiple documents throws wrongNumberOfFiles validation error. I can see in the stack trace:

at Silanis.ESL.SDK.Services.PackageService.CreatePackageOneStep(Package package, ICollection`1 documents)

at Silanis.ESL.SDK.EslClient.CreatePackageOneStep(DocumentPackage package)