I need a way to prefill some input values. This is something that we can done with onespan sign api today, but prefill input are mutable (once approval access to signing url, he can change their values)


I would like to add fields values that belongs to a particular approval (sender), make them immutable and if there are no missing fields to be filled out, just continue to the next approval (signer)


I have a use case to send a document to some signers and once the signing process has been complete, i want to send that document to some users which i call as receivers who receive the signed contract and they can download it 
The receivers aren't part of the signing process, they just receive the signed document in their email 
I have used one span's rest APIs for creating a signers and a package so i would love to know if this use case can be done by leveraging onespan's features?


I have a template with 550 label fields. I saved the fields to a new layout. Now, I need to shift all 550 label fields 8 pixels up. Doing it manually is a painful process. 

Is there a way I can do this - 

1. Update my layout to move all those 550 label fields 8 pixels up using API endpoint

2. Apply the updated layout to my template. 

Is there an Endpoint to achieve step1 ?


Hello Team,

I'm working on the use case below and was wondering if you could help ! 

Use Case: We have an existing template with some documents and fields on it and we want to retrieve those fields to bind some values on them. 

My question : Are we able to call the API in order to retrieve fields that are on a template (and not a package) ? 


We are facing this issue intermittently in production.

We have a grid on our template which includes set of `Country Code` and `Phone Number` fields. 

The issue is - after package is signed and completed, API call that returns document approval object, has Country Code populated with last 4 digits from Phone number field. But the PDF of the signed document has "1" populated in the Country Code (shown in the screenshot 1). Country code is an editable field and is populated with "1" by default.




I tried creating package using json body and sending file content as base64 encoded string but I get this error {"messageKey":"error.validation.sendPackage.noApprovals","message":"Cannot send package without approvals.","code":400,"name":"Validation Error"}.
I then tried sending file content as plain string and that worked. Is there a way I can send base64 encoded file content?  Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. 


HI two questions about "createdDate" in callback json payload - 

    1. Is "createdDate" a timestamp of when event occurred?

    2. If "createdDate" is a timestamp of when event occurred, then will it always be populated in the callback?

One our side we are honoring "createdDate" in every single callback we receive because it is important for our business rules. Thanks!