These questions are regarding the Evidence Summaries we have available for each package: – Does the signer role listed have to be unique regardless of a unique package? Example: Package1 – signer1, signer2; Package2 – signer3, signer4; etc and so on. Or does how we label the roles matter if its a unique package? – This question probably ties into the last one I am guessing. We were looking at the “Signer ID” on the evidence summary and curious what that is used for and how others may have used that with their integrations. What is its purpose?
Sorry for all the different posts, but I thought it'd be better to have each question separately so they're easier to search. Another thing I'm going to need to use is to get the Audit information like in the evidence summary PDF I can download, only the listing of events from the SDK. How do I use the Audit Service to get this info with this SDK? KB
Example code shows how to download: documents and the evidence summary. It also includes retrieving the audit trail. 
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