I have successfully built a Laserfiche Workflow that sends out a document for signature from one signer and retrieves the signed copy as a new version.

I am trying to do the same thing with two signers and am getting an error despite following the documentation. My sample document is below (and included as an attachment.) This syntax worked for one signer.


We have everything working great with Laserfiche Forms, where after the signatures are completed, OneSpan knows to assign a certain metadata field to the specified document to indicate to the corresponding workflow that processing can continue. We have no issues on that end. However, when I try to use the integration with a document instead of through Forms, this is what happens. See screenshot below for some visual assistance:

I am trying to support the following use case:

1.  Form is sent to a recipient to be completed and signed.

2.  Completed forms is returned to the sender for verification.

3.  Verified forms are sent to a group email address that is monitored by our document retention group.

Looking for a solution for step 3.  Is there a way to process an additional step in a workflow after the transaction is completed?  I could insert a step 2A. for the sender to sign again once the form is verified, but this is not optimal.


Hello everybody,


I try to implement a signing order, but it doesn't work. All three Emails are sent at the same time.

What's wrong? Here is my json code:


"documents": [


"approvals": [


"id": "ExampleSignatureId",

"role": "Signer1",

"fields": [


"page": 0,

"top": 100,

"subtype": "FULLNAME",

"height": 50,

"left": 100,

"width": 200,

"type": "SIGNATURE",

"name": "ExampleSignatureId1"