Hi excuse my ignorance as I am migrating from Adobe Sign and

trying to use the text tags to trigger Signer1 fields in my uploaded document.

I have tried a few iterations of trying to get a Signer1 Signature field recognized after i have uploaded

a pdf with the following tag:


Upon upload to eSignLive when I review the tags in the document there is no Signer1 Signature field showing.

Is my tag wrong? Is this the normal behavior?


Thanks for your help


I'm using text tag extraction to place a required text field like this:


Is it possible to customize the validation message that appears if the user does not enter a value?  It currently says "A textfield is required and doesn't have a value".  Can I make it say something like "Please enter an account number"?  I didn't see anything in the docs, so I suspect the answer is no, but thought I would check.

This sample code is to demonstrate how you can make convert a SOAP message received from typical web service for document signing to eSignLive REST API.  This sample also uses Text Tags in sample document to simplify the Json message in REST API to REST eSignLive to create a transaction.
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