Custom Fields

A custom field is one that, at the time of signing, is automatically populated with data that is specific to the signer. For instance, a signer might have an Agent Number, and that number may need to appear in the final document next to their signature. By using a custom field, the signer can specify their Agent Number, and that number will automatically appear in any other field that has been configured to receive it.

The Custom Fields page enables you to manage the custom fields in your account. However, this functionality is available only if Custom Fields are enabled at the Account level.

Creating a Custom Field

To create a custom field:

  1. On the Custom Fields page, click New Field. This opens the Create New Custom Field dialog box.
  2. Specify the following items, and then click Save.
  3. Field Parameters

    The following fields are displayed:

  • Field ID: This is the field's ID. Clicking Field ID opens the Edit Custom Field dialog box, and enables you to edit the custom field.
  • Default Value: This will be the field's default value. This value is optional.
  • Required: Flag that indicates if the custom field will be required.

Field Localization

The following fields are displayed:

  • Language: Select a supported language.
  • Field Name: Specify a Field Name for the selected language. This is a required field.
  • Description: Optionally provide a description of the selected language.
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