Customizing the New Signer Experience

The Signing page enables Admins to manage the appearance of various elements that appear in the New Signer Experience.

In particular, Admins can change the colors of the following elements:

  • Logo: The logo (such as your company's brand) to be used during the New Signer Experience.
  • Branding: The overall look-and-feel of the New Signer Experience.
  • Alerts: The appearance of various informational messages.
  • Signature: The appearance of the Signature Box Types used in transactions.

To change the logo that will be used during the New Signer Experience:

  • Drag and drop your logo to the upload section on the page, or Browse to where your logo resides, and select it.

To change the color of a UI element you want to rebrand, on the Signing Customization page do one of the following:

  • Click the color box next to the element, and select the color you want to apply.
  • Enter the desired color code directly into the field beside the element.
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