Enterprise Administration

  • Enterprise Administration: We've released a new Enterprise Administration feature that enables organizations' Account Administrators to effectively manage users, groups and accounts for their lines of business. This feature leverages the following items:
    • Roles and Permissions — When a user is added to an account, the Account Administrator assigns them a role with an associated set of permissions that determine the actions available to the user. Roles make it easy to manage the access rights of a large number of users without having to change permission options on an account-by-account basis. Thus the following default roles are available within every account (each with its associated set of permissions): Administrator, Manager and Sender. These default roles are not customizable, and they cannot be deleted. Account Administrators can nonetheless: (1) create customized roles, assigning a customized set of permissions to each one; (2) make a customized role available within specified accounts or sub-accounts.
    • Sub-accounts — The sub-accounts feature enables an organization to create child accounts within the organization's master account. For example, an organization might want to create child accounts on the basis of its departments, geographical locations, or lines of business. Accounts can be created on three levels (parent > child > grandchild), enabling an organization to manage many account types under its master account.
    • Please contact our Support Team to configure Enterprise Administration for your accounts. The configuration options include: (1) activating roles and permissions for specific accounts; (2) activating the sub-accounts feature; (3) converting an existing account into a sub-account under an existing master account.

      Sub-accounts are not supported for OneSpan Sign connectors.

Changing Accounts

To change the account that you're working within:

  1. Click the Accounts icon on the Navigation Bar.
  1. Select the account or sub-account to which you'd like to switch.


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