Last modified: 2024-03-04

Transaction Expiry Settings

The Sent Transactions Expiry Time page enables an Admin to specify the default and maximum expiry times for their account's transactions in the state Sent.

Within the limits set by these parameters, the account's Senders can configure the amount of time their transactions can stay in a Sent state before expiring.


  • The Default field specifies a default expiry time for all new transactions. A Sender can override this value for an individual transaction when they create it. The Maximum field sets an upper limit on the number of days a Sender can specify when they override that default number.
  • The default value of the Default field is "0", which means that Sent transactions will not expire. To change the value of the Maximum field, you must first change the Default value to something other than "0".

To change the expiry settings for your account's Sent transactions:

  1. From the top menu, click Admin > Sent Transactions Expiry Time.
  2. Change the values of the Default and Maximum fields.

  3. Click SUBMIT.

If you want to reset all intervals on this dialog box to their default value (unlimited retention), click RESET TO DEFAULT.

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