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By default, your API key is masked.

To view your API key:

  • In the API Key section of the page, click the View icon.

The API key may not be visible, depending on your environment and your account privileges.

Event Notifications

OneSpan Sign enables integrators to be automatically notified of events that concern their account. On selected events, the system automatically issues messages to a destination of the integrator's choice. Before OneSpan Sign notifies you of an event, you must register to be notified of it.

To configure Event Notifications on your account:

  1. Enter a Callback URL. This is a required field.
  2. Optionally, enter a secure Callback Key.
  3. Select the event types from the table below for which you want notifications. By default, all event types are unchecked.
  4. Click Save.
  5. If you've changed your mind, and want to disable all event notifications, click RESET.

    If you would like to enable Event Notification using OAuth Refresh Token Flow you must do so using an API. Note that we currently only support this method on Salesforce.

Select Events

Event Description
Transaction created A transaction has been created.
Transaction expired A transaction has exceeded its expiry date.
Transaction activated A transaction has been sent.
Transaction opted out of A recipient opted out of signing the transaction electronically. The notification includes the recipient's reason for opting out.
Transaction deactivated The transaction's status changed from SENT to DRAFT.
Transaction attachment A recipient uploaded an attachment.
Transaction ready for completion A transaction was marked as DO_NOT_AUTOCOMPLETE, and has been signed by all signers. Completion of the transaction requires an action by the sender.
Document signed A document is signed, and the electronic consent and disclosure agreement has been accepted.
Transaction completed A transaction has been completed by all signers, and the sender has completed the transaction.
Role reassigned A recipient has delegated their signature to another signer.
Transaction trashed A transaction was moved to the Trashed folder.
Recipient completed signing A recipient has completed signing all documents.
Transaction restored A transaction in the Trashed folder has been restored to its previous state.
Recipient locked A recipient has been locked out, due to repeated authentication failures.
Transaction deleted A transaction has been permanently deleted from the Trashed folder.
KBA failure There has been a KBA authentication failure.
Transaction declined A recipient has declined to sign the transaction. The notification includes the recipient's reason for declining.
Email bounce An email bounce has occurred.
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